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This book draws on research from the International Polar Year (2007-2009) presented at hte 2010 Oslo Science Conference, probing multiple dimensions of human engagement with the Antarctic environment.

This volume contains the first results of the research project "The evolution of the Environmental Protection Legal Regime for Antarctica", carried out within the Italian Antarctic Research Programme (PNRA).

Scientific American. Special issue "The water of life : our planet's most valuable resource"

Contents: 1. Personal beginnings -- Part I. The Changing Arctic -- 2. The Arctic Messenger -- Part II. Working Together -- 3. The Arctic Messenger gains a voice : the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme -- Part III. What Is the Present State…

The Protocol was signed on October 4, 1991. In includes four annexes which form an integral part thereof: Annex I on Environmental Impact Assessment, Annex II on Conservation of Antarctic Fauna and Flora, Annex III on Waste Disposal and Waste…

This draft CEE has been prepared by Dr John Shears and Mr Rod Downie, Environmental Office, British Antarctic Survey, and Dr Liz Pasteur, Poles Apart.
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