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The Proceedings are a record of the 19th Symposium event held by COMNAP virtually on 07 August 2020 and all the presentations are now available on COMNAP YouTube Channel.

Edición especial sobre la Antártida.

La Lupa es una revista del Centro Austral de Investigaciones Científicas (CADIC - CONICET) que publica artículos y notas relacionados a la producción científica que se lleva a cabo en el CADIC principalmente,…

Special Edition on Antarctica. Text by Sonvico, Cecilia. Also includes "Primer rescate antártico argentino", by Sebastián Roa.

En: Gaceta marinera, n. 770, marzo 2016

3rd. ed. This revision updates the Compendium of Antarctic Peninsula Visitor Sites, 2nd edition to cover the 142 sites that have been visited and censused by Antarctic Site Inventory (ASI) researchers in 17 field seasons from November 1994 through…
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