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Stations inspected: Dumont d'Urville (France), Casey and Mawson (Australia), Mirnyy (Soviet Union) and the Danish cargo ship M/V Nella Dan.

Bayram Öztürk talks about Antarctica, a continent that is still undiscovered for most people, with a unique style combining scientific power with extraordinary observation power.

The library has only this issue, dedicated to the development of the maritime law.

This issue is dedicated to the development of the maritime law.

In: La Argentina en la Antártida : 100 años de presencia permanente e ininterrumpida. Buenos Aires: Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales, 2005.

Paper submitted to: Xmo. Encuentro de Historiadores Antárticos Iberamericanos at the XIX RAPAL (1 al 3 de octubre de 2008, Buenos Aires, Argentina).
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