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Climate change, economic pressures, and shifting geopolitical balances promise unprecedented challenges to the preservation of polar environments and the sustainability of Arctic communities. This volume brings together experts in the Arctic and…

This publication has grown organically since its first edition, titled "The environments of McMurdo Sound".

Contents: 1. Personal beginnings -- Part I. The Changing Arctic -- 2. The Arctic Messenger -- Part II. Working Together -- 3. The Arctic Messenger gains a voice : the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme -- Part III. What Is the Present State…

This summary, approved in detail at IPCC Plenary XXVII (Valencia, Spain, 12-17 November 2007), represents the formally agreed statement of the IPCC concerning key findings and uncertainties contained in the Working Group contributions to the Fourth…

Prepared for: Antarctica New Zealand, Department of Conservation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ministry for the Environment.
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