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Source: Document WHC-07/16.GA/10 adopted by the 16th General Assembly of States Parties to the World Heritage Convention (October 2007).

This work is a product of the International Polar Year 2007-08 which is sponsored by the ICSU and WMO (text from the back cover).

This work is included in an attached CD-ROM to the following work: Kaiser, Bettina, ed. Polar science and global climate : an international resource for education and outreach.London: Pearson Education, 2010.

A report commissioned by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Al Gore and Norway's Minister of Foreign Affairs Jonas Gahr Store, co-chairs of the Conference "Melting ice: regional dramas, global wake-up call", 28 April 2009, Tromso. It was presented at a sideā€¦

Scientific American. Special issue "The water of life : our planet's most valuable resource"

Reprint from: Science, v. 302, n. 5646 (31 Oct. 2003).
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