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The library has the following issues: 2005, v.24 (2), digital file; 2007, v.26 (1, 2); 2008, v. 27 (1, 2); 2009, v. 28 (1) Darwin Special edition with summaries in English; v. 28 (2); 2010, v. 29 (1) with summaries in English; 2014, v. 33 (2) Spanish…

The library has a bound volume which includes the four versions (English, French, Russian and Spanish) of this meeting.

Special edition of "Ils ont fait l'Histoire du Monde" for La Nación (Buenos Aires).

Special edition of "Larousse Enciclopédico Universal" for La Nación (Buenos Aires).

Dossier in the 50th anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty.
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