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The Fridtjof Nansen Institute (Norway) coordinates the International Antarctic Regime Project (IARP). Participating institutions are: University of Tasmania (Australia), University of Chile (Chile) and George Washington University (USA).

Summaries of the projects within phase 4 (1997-2000) of the Belgian Scientific Research Programme on the Antarctic.

The XI SCALOP Symposium was held in conjunction with the COMNAP XVI and XXVIII SCAR meetings in Bremen on 28 July 2004.

"From an international symposium in Göteborg, 30 September-October 1, 1991 to mark the 30th anniversary year of the Antarctic Treaty, with a special concluding chapter based on a recent evaluation of the activities of the Scientific Committee on…

Reprinted from: Elizabeth Crawford et al. (eds.). Denationalizing Science.

Textos: Carlos Mordo, Marina Combis, David Carlson, Viviana A. Alder, Jorge May. Fotografías: Juan Pablo Pereda, Sergio Hanquet.
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