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Atti della Conferenza mondiale sull'ambiente e lo sviluppo : con saggi introduttivi e guida ragionata.

Report of an audit on the occasion of the 4th International Polar Year. It includes appendices with speeches, debates and documents of the Proceedings of the 1 March 2007 Seminar: "Opening of the International Polar Year in France".

Report by Mr. Christian Gaudin, Senator from Maine-et-Loire. Leaflet with the principal conclusions and proposals.

The XI SCALOP Symposium was held in conjunction with the COMNAP XVI and XXVIII SCAR meetings in Bremen on 28 July 2004.

This document is included as an appendix in: Report on "France's position with regard to the international issues surrounding polar research: the case of Antarctica", by Mr. Christian Gaudin, Senator.

The Proceedings are a record of the 19th Symposium event held by COMNAP virtually on 07 August 2020 and all the presentations are now available on COMNAP YouTube Channel.

The book contains the general introduction, the oral presentations and the abstracts of poster presentations.
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