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This kit is presented in a bag containing the guide, a copy of the publication "Antártida educa", a notebook, a pen, a pencil case and an interactive DVD with multimedia and educational resources. is an open-access platform designed for scientists to publish and share baseline scientific data an Antarctic biodiversity asa well as relevant environmental data and models.

The ultimate ARC activity was a workshop of invited experts that considered the results of the surveys. This report is a synthesis of these Writing Group reports. The document describes the process and the outcomes of the COMNAP ARC project in terms…

Summaries of the projects within phase 4 (1997-2000) of the Belgian Scientific Research Programme on the Antarctic.

Reprinted from: Elizabeth Crawford et al. (eds.). Denationalizing Science.

The Fridtjof Nansen Institute (Norway) coordinates the International Antarctic Regime Project (IARP). Participating institutions are: University of Tasmania (Australia), University of Chile (Chile) and George Washington University (USA).

SCAR Meeting--(28th :--25-31 July 2004 :--Bremen, Germany) and COMNAP Meeting--(16th :--25-31 July 2004 :--Bremen, Germany).

It includes four sheets: 1. Polar Climates and our Connected World.- 2. Poles of Technological Innovation and Development.- 3. Natural Resources in Polar Oceans.- 4. Polar Infrastructures and Scientific Platforms.
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