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Second printing. Collated by the "Programma Nazionale di Recerche in Antartide" of Italy. On behalf of the SCAR Working Group on Geodesy and Geographic Information.

The present document supersedes the Supplement to the First Edition and updates to July 1st., 2004 both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of the CGA .

Edition to commemorate the centenary of the rescue of Dr Nordenskjöld's Swedish expedition by the Argentine corvette Uruguay under Captain Irizar.

1st ed. Cartography: Paul Barr. Text of History of Ross Island by: Elizabeth Jakowetz.

Maps of the Antarctic Peninsula & Weddell Sea, and Graham Land & South Shetland Islands showing ice shelves, ice rumples, rock outcrops, and scientific stations. Relief shown by contours, spot heights, shading, and gradient tints.

Includes ancillary maps: Antarctica and the Southern Hemisphere - Seasonal sea ice extents and the Antarctic Polar Front. Relief shown by contours, spot heights and shading. Depths shown by bathemetric isolines. Includes Antarctica facts.

2nd ed., 1992. Includes index and bibliographical references (p. vi).
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