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This map is the result of airborne surveys carried out in Nov.-Dec. 2002 as part of a collaborative project between Centro de Estudios Científicos (CECS), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the Armada de chile (Chilean Navy).

Maps of the Antarctic Peninsula & Weddell Sea, and Graham Land & South Shetland Islands showing ice shelves, ice rumples, rock outcrops, and scientific stations. Relief shown by contours, spot heights, shading, and gradient tints.

3rd. ed. This revision updates the Compendium of Antarctic Peninsula Visitor Sites, 2nd edition to cover the 142 sites that have been visited and censused by Antarctic Site Inventory (ASI) researchers in 17 field seasons from November 1994 through…

Includes ancillary maps: Antarctica and the Southern Hemisphere - Seasonal sea ice extents and the Antarctic Polar Front. Relief shown by contours, spot heights and shading. Depths shown by bathemetric isolines. Includes Antarctica facts.

SCAR Meeting--(28th :--25-31 July 2004 :--Bremen, Germany) and COMNAP Meeting--(16th :--25-31 July 2004 :--Bremen, Germany).
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