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Ed. 7th. Produced by Hydro Tasmania for the Antarctic Division, Department of the Environment and Heritage, Kingston, Tasmania.

Includes location of winter scientific stations, special interest stations, and sites of interest. Insets: Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctic status and Distance matrix.

Graphic design and photography by Wayne Papps. Multimedia Unit (AAD).

Mapa topográfico. Anexo a la obra: Geología de la Antártida Occidental. Simposios Tomo 3.

2nd. ed. A report to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The present document supersedes the Supplement to the First Edition and updates to July 1st., 2004 both Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of the CGA .

Second printing. Collated by the "Programma Nazionale di Recerche in Antartide" of Italy. On behalf of the SCAR Working Group on Geodesy and Geographic Information.
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