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A copy of the German text of the Administrative Court of Berlin decision, taken on the 14 september 2005, was annexed to the original reprint.


Organized by the Nordic World Heritage Foundation and the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. With the support of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation for the Environment. The publication contains the Workshop Report and the CD-ROM contains the…

2nd. ed. Revised and updated by Sally Poncet, Colin Harris and Susie Grant.

Account of an expedition carried out in January 2003 and further research held in January and February 2006-2007.

Booklet prepared in connection with the 100 year anniversary celebration of the Otto Nordenskjöld Antarctic expedition. Dr. Fred Goldberg, the Swedish Polar Society, Stockholm, Sweden. Lars Wiklander, M. Sc. Sade Skanska, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Dr.…


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