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N° 1, Autumn 2001. Published semiannually.

The Annual Report details the work of Antarctica New Zealand, Statement of Objectives, and performance, including scientific highlights and environmental initiatives. It also reports on education, media, the artists' programme and our international…

Published annually. Summarises science activities, infrastructure, technology, national and international collaboration, UK influence in polar affairs, environmental and medical research, and educational and other public awareness activities…

Annual publication. The library has the following issues: 2004/2005, 2006, 2015

Title from cover.;At head of title: International Council of Scientific Unions. Later: International Council for Science.

The library has the following issues: 2008/11; 2009/12; 2010/13; 2011/14; 2012/15; 2013/16; 2016/20

The Norwegian Polar Institute's annual reports provide an overview of the Institute's activities and publications from past years.
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