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Echange d'informations conformément aux articles III (1) et VII (5) du Traité sur l'Antartique : Information exchange under articles III (1) and VII (5) of Antarctic Treaty.

Inspected Argentine, Australian, French, Japanese, South African, British and Soviet stations.

Stations inspected: Dumont d'Urville (France), Casey and Mawson (Australia), Mirnyy (Soviet Union) and the Danish cargo ship M/V Nella Dan.

Fourteen stations were visited, mostly in Eastern Antarctica. These included four Soviet, three Australian, two Argentine, and one each French, Japanese, South African, West German and British stations.

Five of the inspected stations were located on King George Island: Chilean Marsh/Frei, Soviet Bellingshausen, Argentine Jubany, Chinese Great Wall and Polish Arctowski; the other one on Palmer Peninsula: British Faraday.
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