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Stations and installations inspected: Maitri (India), Novolazarevskaya (Russia), Georg Forster and Epica Drill Site (Germany), Sanae IV (South Africa) and Troll (Norway).

Stations and installations inspected: Princess Elizabeth Antarctica (Belgium), Halley (United Kingdom), Novo Runway and ALCI Airbase (Russia and ALCI).

Stations inspected: Dumont d'Urville (France), Casey and Mawson (Australia), Mirnyy (Soviet Union) and the Danish cargo ship M/V Nella Dan.

Chaque année, l’IPEV présente ses activités dans un rapport d’activité.

Includes: "The role of the Secretariat in the Antarctic Treaty System, with an emphasis on data management functions", presentation by Jan Huber, ATS Exec. Secretary.

This report was submitted by France and Belgium to XXIII ATCM as IP42, informing the Meeting about the inspection carried out.
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