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The inspections were undertaken between 31 December 2014 and 12 January 2015, covered six permanent research stations, six summer-only research stations, one non-governmental facility, one refuge, six cruise ships and five yachts.

Includes: "The role of the Secretariat in the Antarctic Treaty System, with an emphasis on data management functions", presentation by Jan Huber, ATS Exec. Secretary.

Lugares visitados: Base Vicente Maldonado (Ecuador), Refugio Decepción (polacos), Refugio Decepción (holandeses), Refugio Isla Seal (EEUU).

Lugares visitados: Base Bellingshausen (URSS), Monumento histórico N° 41, Campamento (Japón), Base Artigas (Uruguay), Base Gran Muralla (China), Ex Base Decepción y Jubany (Argentina), Base Juan Carlos I (España), Base Arctowski (Polonia), Base Cdte.…

Bases visitadas: Palmer (USA), Bellingshausen (URSS), Artigas (Uruguay), Brown y Decepción (Argentina), Gran Muralla (China), Arctowski (Polonia), Ferraz y Buque Prof. Besnard (Brasil), Buque Nuevo Alcocero (España).

Echange d'informations conformément aux articles III (1) et VII (5) du Traité sur l'Antartique : Information exchange under articles III (1) and VII (5) of Antarctic Treaty.
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