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Presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs by Command of Her Majesty, february 1999.

Reprinted from: Svedin, U. and Aniansson, B. (eds.). Society and the Environment : a Swedish research perspective.

Medidas adoptadas en la XIV Reunión Consultiva del Tratado Antártico realizada en Río de Janeiro, Brasil del 5 al 16 de octubre de 1987.

Printed copy from the article published in The New York Times on July 27, 2006.

Textos: Carlos Mordo, Marina Combis, David Carlson, Viviana A. Alder, Jorge May. Fotografías: Juan Pablo Pereda, Sergio Hanquet.

Scientific American. Special issue "The water of life : our planet's most valuable resource"

The dossier information was complemented with remarks and opinions of several specialists, among them David Carlton, american climatologist, Johannes Huber, executive secretary of the Secretariat of the Antarctic Treaty and Viviana Alder, argentine…

2nd. ed. A report to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.
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