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Esta segunda sesión se desarrolló en tres reuniones: 22-30 de abril, 17-22 de junio y 3-4 de octubre de 1991.

Incluye: Anexo I sobre evaluación del impacto medioambiental. Anexo II sobre conservación de la flora y fauna antárticas. Anexo III sobre la eliminación y tratamiento de los residuos y Anexo IV sobre la prevención de la contaminación marina.

The Protocol with annexes I to IV was adopted at Madrid on october 4, 1991. Annex V was done at Bonn on october 17, 1991. Annex VI has been approved as Measure I (2005) at the 28th. ATCM.

The Protocol was signed on October 4, 1991. In includes four annexes which form an integral part thereof: Annex I on Environmental Impact Assessment, Annex II on Conservation of Antarctic Fauna and Flora, Annex III on Waste Disposal and Waste…

The Fridtjof Nansen Institute (Norway) coordinates the International Antarctic Regime Project (IARP). Participating institutions are: University of Tasmania (Australia), University of Chile (Chile) and George Washington University (USA).

In: La Argentina en la Antártida : 100 años de presencia permanente e ininterrumpida. Buenos Aires: Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales, 2005.

In accordance with Resolution 5 (2005) adopted by the 28th. Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting held in Stockholm in June 2005. Text of Resolution 5 (2005) (English, French, Russian and Spanish ) available at:
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