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3a. ed. rev. y ampl. Contiene Apéndice de legislación con las normativas de la Unión Europea, del Estado español y de las Comunidades Autónomas de España. Incluye bibliografía.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

«This report contains Version 2 of the "Assessment system for the environment and industrial activities in Svalbard". The assessment system is a sub-project under the MUPS programme [...] for which the Norwegian polar Research Institute is…

In. Final report of the twenty-seventh Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (27th. : Cape Town : 2004).

Incluye: Anexo I sobre evaluación del impacto medioambiental. Anexo II sobre conservación de la flora y fauna antárticas. Anexo III sobre la eliminación y tratamiento de los residuos y Anexo IV sobre la prevención de la contaminación marina.

The Protocol with annexes I to IV was adopted at Madrid on october 4, 1991. Annex V was done at Bonn on october 17, 1991. Annex VI has been approved as Measure I (2005) at the 28th. ATCM.

The Protocol was signed on October 4, 1991. In includes four annexes which form an integral part thereof: Annex I on Environmental Impact Assessment, Annex II on Conservation of Antarctic Fauna and Flora, Annex III on Waste Disposal and Waste…

Report of a workshop sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation and held at the foundation's Study and Conference Center, Bellagio, Italy, 5-8-march 1979.
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