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This book is dedicated to covering climate change, from its main causes, through its several effects and associated mitigation actions.

In The Greening of Antarctica Alessandro Antonello investigates the development of an international regime of environmental protection and management between the signing of the Antarctic Treaty in 1959 and the signing of the Convention on the…

Contents: 1. Personal beginnings -- Part I. The Changing Arctic -- 2. The Arctic Messenger -- Part II. Working Together -- 3. The Arctic Messenger gains a voice : the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme -- Part III. What Is the Present State…

This summary, approved in detail at IPCC Plenary XXVII (Valencia, Spain, 12-17 November 2007), represents the formally agreed statement of the IPCC concerning key findings and uncertainties contained in the Working Group contributions to the Fourth…

Part I. Impacts of climate-related geoengineering on biological diversity.- Part II. The regulatory framework for climate-related geoengineering relevant to the Convention on Biological Diversity.
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