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It includes three leaflets: 1. Krill fishing in the Antarctic Peninsula.- 2. Ross Sea marine reserv proposal.- 3. East Antarctica marine protected area proposal.

3rd. ed. This revision updates the Compendium of Antarctic Peninsula Visitor Sites, 2nd edition to cover the 142 sites that have been visited and censused by Antarctic Site Inventory (ASI) researchers in 17 field seasons from November 1994 through…

The visitors sites are the following: Penguin Island; Barrientos Island, Aitcho Islands; Cuverville Island; Jougla Point; Goudier Island, Port Lockroy; Hannah Point; Neko Harbour; Paulet Island; Petermann Island; Pléneau Island; Turret Point; Yankee…

In: Environmental Science & Policy n. 31. The library has the reprint of this article.
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