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Proposals presented to CCAMLR XXXII at Hobart in October 2013.

Proposals presented to CCAMLR XXXIII at Hobart in October 2014.

This work summarises information from previous reports about the case for designating MPAs and no-take marine reserves in East Antarctica, the Ross Sea, the Weddell Sea and the Antarctic Peninsula, as a contribution to CCAMLR XXXIV held at Hobart in…

The Protocol with annexes I to IV was adopted at Madrid on october 4, 1991. Annex V was done at Bonn on october 17, 1991. Annex VI has been approved as Measure I (2005) at the 28th. ATCM.

In accordance with Resolution 5 (2005) adopted by the 28th. Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting held in Stockholm in June 2005. Text of Resolution 5 (2005) (English, French, Russian and Spanish ) available at:

The first set of four Site Guidelines for Visitors, adopted under Resolution 5 (2005), were reviewed by the CEP, together with eight new proposals and a new format was agreed of a single double sided sheet for each Site guideline. The 12 guidelines…

The visitors sites are the following: Penguin Island; Barrientos Island, Aitcho Islands; Cuverville Island; Jougla Point; Goudier Island, Port Lockroy; Hannah Point; Neko Harbour; Paulet Island; Petermann Island; Pléneau Island; Turret Point; Yankee…
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