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Report containing measures taken by Brazil in the last two years for the conservation of the environment and the fight against climate change. Issues include increased protected areas, reduction of deforestation, recovery of biomes, and land and…

Paper presented to XIII Reunión de Administradores de Programas Antárticos Latinoamericanos.

Submitted by: Chile. Secretaría ejecutiva. It contains the summaries of 15 papers presented to the VI Reunión historiadores antárticos iberoamericanos during RAPAL 12.

From cover: Presentado por Programa Antártico Argentino a la XII Reunión de Administradores de Programas Antárticos latinoamericanos (RAPAL). Documento informativo N° 16. Punto de agenda N° 11.


Lecture 9 presented at JCADM Regional Capacity building workshop, held in Buenos Aires, 14-16 September, 2005.

Workshop on "Practical biological indicators of human impacts in Antarctica." (16-18 March 2005 : Bryan/College Station, Texas USA). This workshop is published in two volumes. Vol. 1 provides the Antarctic legal and regulatory context for…
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