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This book delves into the question of how can we anticipate, prepare for, and potentially even shape the geopolitical future of Antarctica.

Les premières pages sont consacrées à un « Débat des pôles », dont le but est de confronter les regards d’ambassadeurs et ambassadrices polaires : Jean-Louis ÉTIENNE, Isabelle AUTISSIER, Olivier POIVRE D'ARVOR, Romain TROUBLÉ, Jérôme CHAPPELLAZ,…

This book is dedicated to covering climate change, from its main causes, through its several effects and associated mitigation actions.

"...Una herramienta muy útil para los residentes y visitantes de Punta Arenas, permitiéndoles conocer más sobre el patrimonio cultural e histórico de esta comuna y su vinculación con la Antártica y el estrecho de Magallanes."

Special edition on Polar Regions

This is a bilingual book.

This textbook on political geography is devoted to a discipline concerned with the spatial dimensions of politics. This course is an introduction to the study of political science, international relations and area studies, providing a systemic…

The Proceedings are a record of the 19th Symposium event held by COMNAP virtually on 07 August 2020 and all the presentations are now available on COMNAP YouTube Channel.
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