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Recently Added Items

Relatos del confín del mundo (y del universo)

Relatos del confín del mundo (y del universo) es un viaje a través de palabras, mapas e imágenes a uno de los lugares más misteriosos de la Tierra, el…

Antarctic Resolution

200 specialists from over twenty Antarctic fields were invited by UNLESS to actively engage in dynamic dialogues, theoretical seminars, and radical…

The Future of Antarctica : Scenarios from Classical Geopolitics.

This book delves into the question of how can we anticipate, prepare for, and potentially even shape the geopolitical future of Antarctica.

La banquise, sens dessus dessous

Les premières pages sont consacrées à un « Débat des pôles », dont le but est de confronter les regards d’ambassadeurs et ambassadrices polaires :…

Cambio Climático en Cifras

This book is dedicated to covering climate change, from its main causes, through its several effects and associated mitigation actions.